• the baobab tree
  • sustainably wildcrafted
  • super superfruit
  • limitless good
  • bursting benefits

baobab & shea collection

It's what's inside that counts... Inside the heart, the mind and these little bottles. Sustainably wildcrafted and sourced under fair trade principles, nourishing extracts from Africa's baobab and shea trees bring skin and hair back to life in our newest collection.

Being a tree-hugger is good for your conscience and your skin

LATHER's baobab & shea collection brings to hospitality a product that offers well-being for guests and people around the world. From cutting-edge ingredients and an innovative, dual-benefit conditioning treatment to sustainable sourcing under fair trade principles that improve the lives of impoverished women, this collection does good while making guests feel great.

Good for your skin and hair

In Africa, the baobab tree is known as the Tree of Life. In personal care products baobab brings hair back to life by enriching it with nourishing oligopeptides and amino acids, which are typically deleted in damaged hair. Bursting with antioxidants, baobab also has a high omega content which improves the moisture level of the skin. Shea butter and oil also deliver intense moisturizing benefits to leave skin and hair soft and supple.

Good for your senses

Balancing, warming, purifying and refreshing — those are the aromatherapeutic benefits released by this collection's natural ginger citrus fragrance. Crafted with essential oils of ginger, mandarin orange, basil, lime, cinnamon and celery seed, the scent is subtle, unisex and distinct. You'll fall in love with how it makes you feel.

Good for our environment

The baobab and shea in this collection are sourced responsibly from wild trees. The ripened fruit of both is collected after falling to the ground, so trees remain untouched by man. They require no irrigation or fertilizer. Ever-mindful of our footprint, LATHER sources baobab from a supplier that supports the planting of new trees through the Baobab Guardians Programme to ensure that the trees continue to thrive for years to come.

Good for one another

The harvesting of both of these crops promote the well-being of women and their communities by:

  • providing work and income to local women
  • helping to fight poverty
  • helping to improve educational level
  • helping to improve health
  • helping to empower women

Baobab harvest areas are purposefully chosen to be in the poorest, most underdeveloped areas to bring much needed economic opportunity to local women and their families. In addition to protecting the trees, the Baobab Guardians Programme creates job opportunities for the women in these communities.

LATHER sources the shea in this collection via a supplier that supports women and their families in Burkina Faso. The program includes close to 86,000 women, 100% of which claim the program has helped them fight poverty. In addition to providing logistical support, extension workers go to the villages to educate, supply jute bags, and settle remuneration.